Effective Tips For Hack Clash Of Clans Strategy

The hack clash of clans guide is available in many websites and it is useful to play in an effective manner. It is important to know that master league is one of the perfect places for all kinds of farming strategies. There are three resources available in game and they are gold, elixir, and dark elixir. There are many efficient ways to dominate resources in game. It is easy in farming and it is must to find bases along with town halls at outside of the building. It is required swipe them out to get bonus points. It should be known fact that master is not best place for all players in the game and it is totally depends on circumstances in the game. It is hard in farming at master league when compared to farming at lower leagues in the game. But, bonus points are more when compared to other levels in the game and it is usually in the multiples of 100,000. The reason behind the players in master league is that to because of loot bonus. It is highly hard to destroy the base of the building during master leagues and it is must to concentrate on loot bonus to destroy the base of building. On failing, it would lead to lower leagues of the game. It is more important to maintain loot bonuses and trophies throughout leagues.

How To Gain More Loot Bonus Points

There are some other ways to gain better loot bonus and they are: it is must to have at least a hero in this master league. Without hero, we will be always place 50 percent away from winning chance of the game. It is also necessary to boost up hp levels of the game and one lightning spell is enough to destroy the enemy’s base in the game. The army compositions during master league is more important stage and guide lines to maintain such a strong army composition is available in most of the websites about this game. We are unable to use goblins in the battle and they are capable of destroy collectors and storage which would result inefficient in battle field. Using minions in the battle would give better effective manner in the game. It is advisable to have eight minions in each raid of master league. Giants are very good choice and they are capable to destroy tankers and it is required to place archer queen to utilize this option in the master leagues.