Simple Tricks to Better Your Android Casino Slots Chances

  • Saturday, Jul 24, 2021

A lot of people think winning is very easy. While Android casino slots are easy to play, hitting a jackpot isn't that simple. You need strategy and a deep understanding of how slots work.

How Do Android Casino Slots Work?

Just like other slot games, Android casinos use a random number generator to simulate spins. Consequently, the results are quite random. This means that games are fair. Every player has a shot at victory.

While you can't manipulate the symbol outcome, the meaning of the results and the Return to Player varies. As such, you can choose games or modify your gameplay depending on game-specific rules and bonuses.

How Probability Works on Android Casino Slots

Even though spins generate purely random outcomes, probability on online slots isn't fixed. It changes depending on a range of factors. The number of reels and number of symbols per reel has the biggest impact.

As these numbers increase, the possibility of winning grows smaller and smaller. However, casinos counter this by increasing the payout per win. That is why many line Android casino slot games are still popular.

Smaller Jackpots Have Smaller Odds

An easy way of telling a slots game with higher chances of winning is checking the jackpot sizes. Mega jackpot games tend to be harder. The casino needs to keep the odds in its favour.

  • Fewer reels and symbols make the probability of winning better
  • A higher payback rate might mean lower winnings, but you'll win more often

In addition to it being hard to hit mega jackpots, you will also need long playing hours to increase your luck. If you have time, there's no harm in trying your luck now and then.

Remember to Manage Your Bankroll Well

While time might be easy to come by, money will always remain limited. If you are not keen, you can easily blow a fortune on online slots. Having a budget and knowing when to stop is crucial.

Once you set a budget, you can determine how much you'll be staking per spin. Whatever you do, never bet above your budget. By keeping stakes low, you can play better and spread out your chances of winning.

Look for Games With Bonus Rounds

Finally, looking for chances to stretch your pennies is a great way to better your winning chances. Look for games with multipliers, free spins, wild cards, and multipliers. These will come in handy in case you win.

Remember that just like traditional slot games, Android casino slots are games of pure chance. Skill has nothing to do about it. The best you can do to better your odds is to choose your games wisely.